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November 6, 2019

Laura Staugaitis

Saad Moosajee (previously) shows the richness and emotional power that can be found in grey-scale animation with his new music video for Thom Yorke. “Last I heard (…He Was Circling the Drain)” brings Yorke’s single to life in a hazy dystopian world populated by crowds of anonymous figures. Moosajee tells Colossal that the animation is comprised of more than 3,000 individual frames. Using 3-D animation and simulation techniques, Moosajee layered over the frames, integrating crowd simulation, charcoal washing, fire simulation, and stop motion powder texturing. He is a part of Art Camp, an experimental studio based in Brooklyn, and was the co-director, co-designer, and 3-D animator for “Last I heard”. See more of Moosajee’s recent work on Instagram.

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