I’ve been seeing the work of Patrick Jacobs at art fairs for years, and am always fascinated by his dioramas, usually on view with Pierogi Gallery. Scroll down for more …

Patrick Jacobs Diorama

This piece above is titled “Tree with Red Moonlit Sky,” 2020, and the round diorama window measures 7.5 inches, but the art work contained within the box behind the wall is 23 x 30 x 23 inches, and features styrene, acrylic, paper, foam, wood, steel, lighting, and BK7 glass. It’s like looking through a magical peephole into a different little world. There’s usually a line at the art fairs to step up and see these, since the experience really needs a one-to-one interaction looking through the circular glass window.

This next one is titled “Green Moonlight with Anemones,” 2020, and this diorama is viewed through a much smaller window, measuring only 2.75 inches. In this case, the box behind the wall is 11.25 x 14.75 x 9.25 inches, but it still gives the impression of being a vast space behind the wall.

diorama by patrick jacobs

I saw both of these at the Armory Show in NYC in early March. To see more of Patrick Jacobs’ work, check out his Instagram here or via @patrick.jacobs.studio.

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