I’ve driven by the Bronx Family and Criminal Courthouse on 161st Street several times recently and have noticed the abstract marble sculptures on each corner of the building facing 161st Street … below left is the sculpture on the corner of 161st Street and Sheridan Avenue, and below right is another sculpture on the corner of 161st Street and Sherman Avenue. Each time I’ve seen them, I’ve just been driving by – thankfully, I have no reason to be in that courthouse! At any rate, since these were just drive-by sightings, I was curious to find out more about these interesting abstract art works.

Constantino Nivola sculpture Bronx Courthouse

I did a little research online, and found out here that these are “travertine” (white marble) sculptures by the Italian sculptor Constantino Nivola (1911-1988), which were commissioned for this building in 1971.

If you would like to learn more about the artist Constantino Nivola, there’s a nice little article about him and his work here.

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