Sydney rap group OneFour have confirmed that their national tour has been cancelled but a sold-out show in Auckland will proceed as planned.

“OneFour will be the first Australian band effectively banned from performing in their own
country, following confirmation today that all venues for their planned national tour have
been cancelled,” the band said in a statement.

Cancelled: OneFour's Australian tour will not go ahead.

Cancelled: OneFour’s Australian tour will not go ahead.

“There have been no arrests or violence at any previous OneFour concerts. Despite this pressure has been put on venues by police not to proceed with a near sell-out national tour.”

OneFour has achieved substantial success on the back of a large online following, with over 30 million plays on Spotify and another 25 million views on YouTube, but have had multiple live gigs cancelled this year, due to their alleged links to “street-level” crime and an ongoing territorial war between two gangs that refer to themselves as “greater west” and “inner west”.

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