TEHRAN – Three stone sculptures made by three Iranian sculptors were set up in the Ghobeiry neighborhood of Lebanese capital of Beirut on Saturday. 

The sculptures were created by Iranian artists Mohammadreza Zabiholahzadeh, Shahriar Rezai and Mehdi Salahshur during the 2nd International Sculpture Symposium co-organized in Beirut in October by the University of Beirut, Iran’s Visual Arts Office and Iran’s cultural office in Beirut, the Persian service of IRNA reported on Sunday.

According to Zabiholahzadeh, his sculpture is named “Solar System” and it means that the Sun is situated inside this solar system and gives light to all its planets. 

“This sculpture means that the Sun, which is the cradle of the Earth, distributes energy and light to other creatures, giving them life,” he added.

He added that the second sculpture made by Rezai is the symbol of human beings, highlighting the message that man needs to be strong and resist the social unpleasant events. 

“This third sculpture, which is in shape of a snake, represents fluidity and the fluid movement of human beings,” he said.

The symposium took place on the campus of the University of Beirut. 

Three Italian sculptors, Michele Sassi, Luca Prandini and Pierluigi Portale, were also among the participants.

Photo: A sculpture made by Iranian artist Shahriar Rezai is seen set up in Beirut’s Ghobeiry neighborhood in Lebanon.


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