Whether you’re chilling in the backyard or kicking back on the beach, a portable Bluetooth speaker ensures that you’re the life of the party.
Some portable Bluetooth speakers are small enough to slip into your travel bag or even your pocket, but these beefy speakers are large enough to merit their own built-in handle or carry strap. In return you get a portable speaker which can rock a decent-sized room or hold its own in the great outdoors.
Both speakers support Bluetooth wireless connections, letting you stream music from your computer, smartphone or tablet. The Sonos Move can also connect to your Wi-Fi network when you’re at home, letting you fling music around the house. You can also group it with other Sonos speakers to play music in sync through your home.
Once you venture outdoors, the BlueAnt Burleigh is IP54 “splash proof” while the Sonos Move’s rating is IP56, meaning it can handle a blast of high-pressure water but still can’t survive a dunking. Both speakers can also handle a little dust and sand but aren’t completely sealed against them.

Considering the price tag, the BlueAnt stacks up well in terms of sound quality – although you’ll pick its shortcomings compared to the Sonos if you have an ear for the finer things. The BlueAnt might cut it if you’re just looking to rock an outdoor gathering rather than impress audiophiles, especially if you’d use the auxiliary input or microSD card slot. Apart from the superior sound quality, the Sonos Move’s higher price tag is easier to justify if you’re considering upgrading to multi-room home audio but also want a speaker that can go out on the road.

BlueAnt Burleigh Bluetooth speakers.

BlueAnt Burleigh Bluetooth speakers.Credit:


$240 (or $10 a month for 24 months from Telstra)

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