Channel 4 has reportedly commissioned an ice sculpture of Boris Johnson to melt during tonight’s televised debate on climate change.

The Prime Minister shunned the hour-long Emergency On Planet Earth debate due to air at 7pm tonight.

People have suggested he should be ’empty chaired’ at the event, but C4 could have gone one better.

Melting glaciers

According to the Daily Mail’s political editor Jason Groves the broadcaster has commissioned an ice sculpture of the Prime Minister to melt during the show.

It could symbolise the melting glaciers caused by the earth warming up, contributing rising sea levels which could leave many parts of the world in perilous danger.

This summer it was revealed that the frozen extremities of the northern hemisphere are melting at a near-record rate as heatwaves buffet the Arctic, forest fires tear through Siberia and glaciers retreat on Greenland fjords and Alpine peaks.

Greenland – which is home to the world’s second biggest ice sheet – is likely to have shrunk more in the past month than the average for a whole year between 2002 and now, according to provisional estimates from satellite data.

Surface ice declined in July by 197 gigatonnes, equivalent to about 80 million Olympic swimming pools.

Failed to honour Parliament’s climate emergency vote

But it would seem Johnson and the Conservatives have more pressing matters to attend to ahead of December’s crunch election.

The government has failed to bring urgent plans to tackle the climate and environment emergency in time to meet the six month deadline set by parliament.

The missed target comes as an opinion poll revealed that most Brits say climate change will influence their general election.

Ignoring climate and environment emergency

Sue Hayman MP, Shadow Environment Secretary said:

“By ignoring the climate and environment emergency, Boris Johnson has shown that he cannot be trusted to save our planet.

“This election is our last chance to stop the climate and environment emergency.

“The next Labour government will usher in a Green Industrial Revolution to tackle climate change. Labour has a radical, credible plan for tackling the climate crisis and creating a million good, unionised green jobs across the country.”

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