High-profile authors are raising money for the nation’s bushfire crisis by auctioning-off rare copies of their books, offering writing advice and even dangling a sneak-peek at their latest manuscript.

Young Adult writers Emily Gale and Nova Weetman came up with the idea for an “Authors for Fireys” fundraiser a fortnight ago. The concept, which launched on Sunday, involves writers selling their work on social media to the person who pledges the biggest donation to Victoria’s Country Fire Authority.

Australian author Hannah Kent.

Australian author Hannah Kent.

Ms Gale said the idea of a Twitter auction was borrowed from fellow author Zana Fraillon, who has raised money for refugees in the past, because it distributes the fundraising workload. Instead of a centralised fundraising committee or donations website, anyone can offer an item for auction on social media and promote it using the “Authors for Fireys” hashtag. The auction winner will then have to send their donation receipt before being sent the prize.

Ms Gale said she and other authors were urging people to donate to the CFA given comedian Celeste Barber’s multi-million dollar fundraiser for NSW’s Rural Fire Service. (By Monday afternoon, the comedian’s bushfire appeal had raised $30 million – more than 10 times the total amount of donations the RFS received in 2019.)

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