The Bloody Mary, a small, four-wheeled silver pedal car built by the Kinetic Sculpture Race founder Hobart Brown has been donated to Kinetic Museum Eureka.

Constructed in 1972 for son Justin Hobart Brown’s first races in 1973 and 1974, the Bloody Mary was later owned by 1970-71 race winner Patrick Bent, then repaired and renamed the Bent Mary.

After Bent’s passing, the kinetic sculpture went through various collections until it ended up at Redwood Thrift, which donated The Bloody Mary to the Kinetic Museum.

According to Kinetic Museum Manager Robot Adams, the Kinetic Museum now has “four out of the five original street race machines known to still exist.”

The museum — located at 518 A St. — features featuring kinetic sculptures, art, bribes, costumes and history from over five decades. It’s open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from about 2:15 to 6:30 p.m. Entry is by donation, and there is a gift shop of kinetic merchandise to help keep the museum going. For more information, go to


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