Blink-182 found a way to offer a new slant to singing about their genitals and sleeping with each other’s mothers, opting instead for songs about love, loss and extraterrestrials. Fellow pop-punk act New Found Glory tried to mature in ways that would make them sound like their middle-class suburban plight reached further than dick jokes and whiny high-school heartbreak, albeit with a feeble musical disposition.

But watching Dune Rats wage sonic assault on a sold-out room underscored just how little they’ve grown since the release of their self-titled debut album in 2014. The trio’s entire set could have been one long song and, if it weren’t for the respite – if you could even call it that – offered by their carefully prepared “off the cuff” jokes, one might’ve thought it was.

From the first song to the last, the band unleashed a fumbling wall of unrelenting noise lacking control, purpose, intent or ability. Lead guitarist and vocalist Danny Beus offered the night a slew of escapist lyrical motifs, spanning everything from “who’s Scott Green?” to jokes about the birth of the bassist’s new-born child, which were ushered in with props including a miniature pram and baby doll, later to be swung around, then thrown into the crowd.

While the only dynamic variation to emerge throughout the entire evening took the shape of backing vocals courtesy of the crowd, the sound was engineered expertly. Whoever did the stage production and sound were the evening’s standout performers.

The night boiled down to a familiar refrain that, at one point even wailed over the speakers: “I wish I would’ve tried.” I wished they would have, too.

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