Thumbs up: Creating art is difficult enough. Creating art out of junk is taking it to another level. Kudos, then, to a trio of Carroll County Public Schools students who were named winners in the annual Rethink Recycling Sculpture Contest, sponsored by Maryland Department of the Environment. Students were asked to make something beautiful out of items that would otherwise be discarded. Jorja Rodgers, a junior at Century High School, won the grand prize for 2019 with a sculpture that at first appears to be a pile of random items such as paper towel rolls, trophies, CDs and toys. But when a light shines on it at the right angle, it shines the silhouette of the late singer Selena Quintanilla.“I had seen other artists do projecting images. And I thought that was really cool because it’s not really a traditional way of going about something,” Rodgers told us. Alex Vagnier, a junior at Winters Mill High School, won first place for the Use of Materials award with his sculpture, entitled “IDK.” He used PCs, a lamp, a light switch, plexiglass, bottle caps and a waffle iron as materials. And Emily Giffhorn, a senior at South Carroll High School, placed second for the People’s Choice Award for her sculpture, entitled “Turtley Awesome,” created using aluminum cans, twine, cardboard tubes, mesh material, yarn, straws, cardboard and a granite slab.

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