Jae and Charlwood approach each film with an open mind, and offer a unique and hilarious perspective on the movies they review. To date, that has included testosterone-fuelled classics such as Heat, The Terminator, Taxi Driver and Fight Club; the pair are saving the most requested movie, Die Hard, for a live show.

“We’ve seen a few conversations on message boards that dudes think that it’s going to be man hating and it’s definitely not. It’s mainly just that we’re watching these movies now, for the first time, and so our podcast is our current take on them. We don’t have the emotional connection for the past 40 years around Blade Runner. So instead we’re seeing it without baggage, with modern eyes,” says Jae.

According to Charlwood, “the one thing dudes never seem to get is all these movies were written by a man, directed by a man, starring a man, for a male audience”.

“That’s why these movies mean a lot more to them, and they use that emotional connection to connect to other people. And women just don’t have that, we’re only now starting to see mainstream movies written and directed by women,” says Charlwood.

The comedians believe podcasting is helping them find new audiences, and open new doors for their stand-up careers.

“For stand-up comedians, especially when you’re starting out, it’s really hard to create an audience just doing live performances,” says Charlwood. “But if you have a podcast, then you can create an audience all around the world of people who would never normally get a chance to see your comedy.”

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