I received another interesting story and a set of pictures showing face-like rock art found by one of our readers of the blog. Check out this unique stone and scroll down to read the story sent by Matthew B. of New Jersey …

rock art stone effigy face

Matthew explains: “I found this rock in 1979 while walking along the shoreline of Seaside Heights, NJ. I showed the rock to my 12th grade Oceanography teacher and he offered to give me an ‘A’ in his class if he could keep it. I turned him down and took the ‘B’ grade.”

Matthew further explains that the approximate size of the rock is 1″H x 3/4″W x 1/2″D, so that’s pretty small, similar to the size of this rock art found in Texas. He writes: “I have had the special rock for almost 41 years and would like to share with some place so that it can be displayed for people to see and enjoy. I hope that your posting can help me learn what kind of rock it is and find a place for it to be displayed.” So, once again, if there are any rock art experts out there who have seen something like this before or have any suggestions on how we can learn more about it, please let us know in the comments section below.

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