Installation view of Kathryn Hart’s New Dawn 1, sculpture; wire, fiberglass, resin, bone and mixed media, 26x24x28 inches.
courtesy the artist

FINISSAGE for Personal Structures – Identities: 24 November, 11:30 AM.  Palazzo Mora

3659 Strada Nuova, 30121 Venice

At the invitation of the European Cultural Centre, Kathryn Hart (USA) exhibits NEW DAWN, a solo presentation in Palazzo Mora as part of PERSONAL STRUCTURES – IDENTITIES, an event of the 2019 Venice Biennale.  The exhibition previewed on 9-10 May and is on view to the public 11 May to 24 November 2019.  The Finissage celebration is 24 November, 11:30 AM.

Kathryn Hart, Vertebrae and Ribs 2A1, Pigment print on film on aluminum
courtesy the artist

Hart’s, NEW DAWN, a site-specific exhibition of sculpture and photography, reflects on the simultaneous organic processes of regeneration and degradation and questions if there is a point of homeostasis.  Each sculpture sways towards either becoming or eroding.  Expand or contract, develop, remake or become anew individually or collectively prompted by internal impulse, not external constraint. Sculpture boundaries are like membranes, permeable to light, air, space, energy, emotion and idea.  The wire and fiberglass sculptures concurrently glisten with an embryonic presence and molt their skins.  Cast shadows of line and shape creep along curved surfaces.  In the abstract photographs, found deer bones reveal transformation after long term exposure to the natural elements.   They become translucent to light and full of graceful energy.  Symbols of decay alter into pictures of rebirth.   Both the sculptures and photography are reflections of the natural cycle and unique moments.  Microcosm mirrors macrocosm.

Hart’s installation is in symbiosis with the unique, undulating, organic nature of the space in the third floor of the Palazzo Mora, a noble palazzo dating back to the 16th century.  The lines of wires and shadows both enhance and contrast the arcs of the walls and ceilings.  Recently restored, the third floor is renewed yet maintains its original character and identity.  The artworks and their environment are viewed as a whole.

A special public event sponsored by the European Cultural Centre and focused on Kathryn Hart’s NEW DAWN exhibition was held on 15 November, 5-7PM in Palazzo Mora, Room 4.  In this event, Kathryn Hart discussed the origins and inspirations for her exhibition focused on renewal and revisionism, as well as its connection to the psychic heritage of powerful women across distance, time and cultures.  In particular, this theme touched on the lives and legacies early, impactful feminists, namely Moderata Fonte, Veronica Franco and Lucrezia Borgia.  Representatives from the Cultural Department of Gandia, Spain were in attendance and contributed to this cross-cultural collaboration with discussion and special music created by musicians from Gandia.

In PERSONAL STRUCTURES – IDENTITIES, Hart continues her dialogue with feminine identity and the lasting core which survives the white noise from society, family and personal experience.  Hart is a interdisciplinary artist who makes works with a bigger presence than their physicality using shadow, reflection, light, gesture, dimension and space.  Works interact with their environments.  Artworks are rooted in personal history and explore life, death, and hope, and the tenacity of the human spirit. 

Kathryn Hart, New Dawn 1, side view; sculpture; wire, fiberglass, resin, bone and mixed media, 26x24x28 inches
courtesy the artist

The ECC-Italy’s exhibition “PERSONAL STRUCTURES ” shows the commonness and differences between Europeans in dialogue with works of non-Europeans. In addition, the exhibition stimulates a more conscious relationship from the spectator towards his daily surrounding aiming to increase the awareness of his own personal Existence as a human being influenced by a specific Culture within Time and Space.

Now in its fifth iteration, PERSONAL STRUCTURES at the 58th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia presents a cross-section of contemporary art today from both internationally established artists and artists whose works are less well-known. The selected artists have diverse backgrounds and cultures and represent over forty countries.  Visually, the artworks may appear quite different, but all artists present their own subjective, personal expression of their reflection on the concepts Time, Space and Existence.

The exhibition mainly presents recent artworks by living artists, either site-specific, especially made for this exhibition or taken from the existing collection of the artist.  Strong statements give each of the rooms a specific character.  The exhibition features a broad variety of artistic media. 

The exhibition PERSONAL STRUCTURES is part of an international art project.  It was initiated in 2002 by the Dutch artist Rene Rietmeyer, who noticed that even in the most distant corners of the world, there are artists working with Time – Space and Existence, thereby expressing themselves in a very personal way. This observation led to the idea of bringing several of these artists together in publications, exhibitions and symposia.  PERSONAL STRUCTURES exhibitions began in 2011 with 28 artists, each with a dedicated room in the palazzo.  Artists included past PERSONAL STRUCTURES include Carl Andre, Lee Ufan, Marina Abramovic’, Rene Rietmeyer, Lawrence Weiner, Jeff Koons, Yoko Ono, and other internationally notable artists. 

2019 PERSONAL STRUCTURES – Identities is organized by Valeria Romagnini, Lucia Pedrana, Sara Danieli, Claudia Piovan, Bérénice Freytag, Bianca Bonaldi, Rocco Schenkel, Elena Volpato, Cristina Sakura, Indragoli, Debora Bae, Micaela Skerl and Svetlana Eroshina

Kathryn Hart’s NEW DAWN and Palazzo Mora are curated and managed by Sofia Nissardi, Emma Soletti, Leonia Quarta. 

Shipping logistics are handled by Camilla Violo.  Art Handlers and Set Up Team are Luca Ravagnan, Nicolo Muffato, Davide Ducceschi, Eugenio Pettirossi, Timur Bazarov, Matteo Vianello.  Tech assistants are Patrick Gastaldon, Nicolo Pavan.  Architect, Piero Vespignan.  Accountant, Thihora Peiris.            A full color catalogue is available.           

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