If the board does not receive an “adequate” explanation, Kennedy will be removed from the television.

Monday’s Graham Kennedy Show sparked hundreds of telephone calls from viewers protesting against sexual innuendos uttered by Kennedy.

The board viewed a tape of the show in Adelaide last night and sent a telexed message demanding an explanation from Kennedy within seven days to show cause why he should be permitted to continue in television.

The board’s secretary (Mr B Connolly) said a “show cause” letter would be hand-delivered to Kennedy at the GTV-9 studios today.

In the telex, the board also demanded the withdrawal of one advertisement from future telecasts of the program.

The telex read “The board is seriously concerned at the general vulgarity and poor taste exhibited in several of the sketches during the program…”

Graham Kennedy on the In Melbourne Tonight set with GTV turret lens camera.

Graham Kennedy on the In Melbourne Tonight set with GTV turret lens camera.Credit:Nine Network

Mr Connolly said later the board was concerned that someone of Kennedy’s ability “would have to stoop to that level”.

He said Kennedy would have to explain his behaviour during an advertisement for Cedel hair products when “he made a sound like a crow.”

He expected Kennedy would explain his actions.

Most viewers’ complaints were directed against comedy sketches depicting homosexuality and suggesting sexual conduct between a priest and a nun.

The Melbourne show was telecast last night in Adelaide with a one-second deletion during the Cedel advertisement.

Graham Kennedy said last night he knew nothing of the board’s threat to ban him from television.

News that the show had gone to air in Adelaide with only a one-second cut in the Cedel advertisement delighted Kennedy.

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