Elke Uhd and Oscar Kaufmann performing inside the aerial tube in Life - The Show.

Elke Uhd and Oscar Kaufmann performing inside the aerial tube in Life – The Show.Credit: Isabella Porras

The humans who perform in the show are drawn from all over the world and from various circus and other performing disciplines.

Internationally celebrated clown Goos Meeuwsen is joined by American drummer Attis Clopton, aerialist Elke Uhd, tap dancer Hilton Denis, singers Rechelle Mansour and Fantine, bass saxophonist Blaise Garza and former Cirque du Soleil performers Helena Bittencourt and Oscar Kaufmann.

Kaufmann, an experienced aerialist, has only just joined the show and alongside an aerial strap routine he performs a a thrilling piece inside a tube.

“The aerial tube is a very special apparatus. It was developed in Switzerland by Nick Beyeler – he did an amazing job because no one thought of doing that before. It is the only chance to see this very special apparatus in the show,” he said.


The piece sees Kaufmann and Uhd climb and hang from each while suspended inside the soft plastic tube, with only the sides of the tube keeping them inside it. As the routine progresses they climb high into the peak of the Spiegeltent and remain suspended without the use of ropes in a dazzling, yet slightly terrifying display of aerial acrobatics.

“It is more like a dance, I would say, the fact it is a duo rather than the solo nature of something like the strap routine makes it much more intimate,” Kaufmann said.

Life is one of two shows that will play the Spiegeltent during the festival. It will play in repertoire with Betty Blokk-Buster Reimagined, a new production from Craig Ilot starring Josh Quong Tart that revisits the ’70s theatre smash Betty Blokk-Buster Follies.

Tickets to both shows are available by visiting sydneyfestival.org.au

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