Flipo’s single Drink Too Much is one of the favourites to top Triple J’s Hottest 100 this Saturday, contending with the likes of Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy and Mallrat’s Charlie. For Flipo, it would be an honour with personal resonance.


“My dad was a massive Triple J listener; every year growing up we’d have a barbecue and the whole family would listen to the Hottest 100. Like, we had CDs that went way back; Dad would collect them from Sanity or some CD shop back in the day,” she says with a laugh.

“Last year, when I got two songs on the list, I just started crying my eyes out ’cause it was like, I’ve listened to this my whole life. I heard, ‘Coming in at No.38, G Flip…’, and I just lost it. I cried so much. It makes me so emotional ’cause I still can’t believe that’s me.”

Her plans for the year ahead include writing and producing for other artists. She also has a backlog of songs ready to burst.

“I’ve got so much music that I’ve written over the last few years,” she says. “About Us, the album I released this year, was actually an album I wrote in 2017. I never run out of things to write about.”

Nick Whyte, a Sydney-based software engineer who started the 100 Warm Tunas website (which accurately predicts the top songs in the Hottest 100 by analysing social media data), says a woman could very well take out the number one spot this year. A solo female artist has never ranked No.1 in the Hottest 100. Amy Shark just missed out on top spot with her single Adore in 2016.

“I think Billie Eilish has a chance and Tones and I also has a really good chance,” Whyte says. “But it’s really difficult to say. It’s unlikely the top 10 will play out in the order [my website] is currently predicting. There’s not enough votes between them to call a clear winner.”

100 Warm Tunas predicts Grace Shaw, aka Mallrat, is the best Australian chance in the Hottest 100.

100 Warm Tunas predicts Grace Shaw, aka Mallrat, is the best Australian chance in the Hottest 100.Credit:Sean Pyke

The top-ranked Australian artist on Whyte’s website as of Friday afternoon was Grace Shaw, aka Mallrat, with her single Charlie. However fewer than 100 public votes separate her from G Flip, who is estimated to come in at fourth place. 100 Warm Tunas predicts that Denzel Curry’s rendition of Bulls On Parade will take out the top spot, with Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy coming in at number two.

Of the Australian solo acts predicted to make the top 10, all but critically-acclaimed DJ Flume are women: Mallrat, G Flip, Thelma Plum and Tones and I. Mallrat says it’s “crazy” a solo female act has never won the Hottest 100.


“There’s been a time when the feature vocalist has been a woman,” she says. “But a solo woman has never won. I really hope this year’s the year. Seeing the [expected] top 10 this year is so exciting. It’s so much more diverse than what’s been in the past.

Charlie is one of the things I’m most proud of. It’s named after my dog. I had to fight for a long time for it to come out. So I’m really proud of it.”

Triple J listeners have once again broken the Hottest 100 voting record with an astonishing 3.21 million ballots cast in this year’s countdown. The overwhelming majority of voters were aged 30 or under, with 55.5 per cent of ballots coming from women.

The Hottest 100 will kick-off at midday on Saturday, January 25.

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