“I’ve always been fascinated by technology, we thought a show needed to exist in that particular space and in the Australian market we were seeing a lot of tech reporters were leaving their jobs and going into PR and leaving the industry, because tech seems to be one of the areas that gets caught whenever there’s funding cuts. And so you end up with this very small selection of reporters covering probably the most important industry around right now. We thought that that needs to be covered. And that’s how Moonshot came to be.”

Moonshot is now in its third year, and Lawson continues to host and produce the show. The success of the podcast convinced Lawson to start a business focusing on narrative audio storytelling, creating his own editorial works, as well as branded content.

He has since released a short series on electric vehicles, Supercharged. As Lawson explains: “Supercharged was initially intended to be an episode for Moonshot on electric vehicles. But the more we started diving into it, it kept expanding and growing. And then suddenly it was like a six-month project that turned into its own six-part series.”

Following the technology slant, Building a Unicorn focuses on “what it takes to go from creating something for the local market, and growing that to be a global brand”.

“I’m inspired by people that want to do crazy ambitious things,” says Lawson. “Starting a business is hard enough, but then tackling these crazy out-there problems that you think are completely impossible. I mean, how can you not be inspired by the stuff these people are working on?”

Lawson tries to shine a light on entrepreneurs outside Silicon Valley, from Australia and overseas. He is particularly inspired by those who don’t take venture capital money, and instead “bootstrap” their ideas into being.

“I think it’s something that you see a lot more of in founders and entrepreneurs outside of Silicon Valley, this desire to do things on their own. And I personally find that fascinating and inspiring. And it makes me want to go down that path as well.”

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