Two Monster Hunter sculptures in 24k gold and platinum have been created to celebrate the video game’s 15th anniversary. Monster Hunter is Japan’s highest selling third-party Wii game and is expected to overtake Street Fighter, another Capcom video game, in lifetime sales.

In the Monster Hunter world, there are 31 large monster species and 17 small monster species. The sculptures are both of large monster species: a Gold Rathians made entirely from 24K gold and a Silver Rathalos made from platinum. So it’s no surprise that individually, the sculptures cost ¥8.8 million JPY (approximately $81,462 USD). However, one can purchase both for a discounted price of ¥16.5 million JPY (approximately $152,741 USD).

There are also cheaper versions of these sculptures, where both are made from silver, with a gold coating on the Rathian. These Monster Hunter sculptures cost only ¥880,000 JPY (approximately $8,146 USD). Check out detailed looks of the sculptures in the video above, and head over to U-Treasure if you have the cash.

In other gaming news, ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ drops a seven-minute ad.

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