As I mentioned in my last post, I received a number of fascinating pictures from a gentleman named Guy B. in France, who sent the pictures and information about rock art and face effigies that he has found in the South of France in Basque Country. After reading my blog post about his first email, he followed up with some more questions for us all to consider:

  1. Are these stones real artifacts? Or just naturally shaped stones?
  2. If they are artifacts, who made them, and when?
  3. If they are artifacts, how is it possible that the ones found in the United States look so similar to these that Guy found in the South of France?
  4. From his initial inquiries with academic archeologists, nobody wants to officially study them … why?

Here’s two more pictures of rock art “faces” that he found in the banks of the Nive River and its tributaries in French Basque Country. A point that Guy makes in regards to his 4th question above, he says “I think now some stones could be studied with serious scientific methods such as traceology … so we can prove that they are not all natural.” I had to look up “traceology,” which is defined as a “use-wear analysis,” or “the study of any traces (whether residues or surface alterations), usually in the context of tool use.” Read more on traceology here, and scroll down for more comments below …

stones with faces found in the South of France
Stones found in the French Basque Country.

Here’s a question that I’ll pose – if these are just “naturally formed” stones, how is possible that one man could find so many “accidental faces” in one location? What are the chances of that, versus the idea that this particular area had a concentration of actual artifacts?

stone art faces found in the South of France
Here’s more from Guy’s collection of face effigies found in Basque Country.

While the two pictures above are straight photos provided by Guy, I have pulled out and isolated a handful of rocks from those pictures to show you ones that I find especially convincing:

faces found in french stones
Isolated details of “faces” seen in rocks collected in the South of France in Basque Country.

Once again, feel free to share thoughts and comments in the section below. And make sure to check out Guy’s blog here for more!

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