I received an email promotion for the 2021 Armory Show – for years, the show has always taken place in March, but they’re pushing it back to September next year, presumably with the hope that the coronavirus pandemic will be cleared up or more-manageable by then (although I’m also seeing that organizers say they want to tie it to opening of the fall art exhibition season). The new dates are September 9 – 12, 2021, and will take place at the Javits Center, which is a departure from the usual Hudson Piers location where it’s been for the past 19 years.

Let’s hope that public health issues are cleared up in time for big crowds next fall! After the experience of Art Basel Miami Beach fair having to be all online this year, it’s just not the same looking at jpegs online compared to being there and seeing things like this (below) in person. These were both from the 2020 Armory Show; at left is an installation of work by Rina Banerjee at the Galerie Nathalie Obadia booth, and at right is Austin Lee’s sculpture “Tulip Lookers” in front of his painting with the same title, on view at the Jeffrey Deitch booth.

art by Rina Banerjee and Austin Lee at the 2020 Armory Show in NYC
Art by Rina Banerjee and Austin Lee at the 2020 Armory Show in NYC.

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