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New series ★★★½

Friday, Netflix

You have to wonder what exactly goes on in Carlton Cuse’s mind. First he brought us Lost. Then Bates Motel. Then the B-grade but addictively freaky The Strain. It’s clearly a pretty weird place in there. Now – tapping the thriving sub-genre of teen horror – comes this terrific new series that brings together a lot of familiar tropes then mashes them up in a way that feels fresh, and leaves you wanting more. After the death of Mr Locke – in fairly startling circumstances – the Locke family move to the old family pile in Massachusetts where the three siblings – led by the littlest, Bode – discover the house contains a number of, yes, keys that bestow a variety of powers. Based on the comic book by Joe Hill and bumped up by Cuse and fellow showrunners Aron Eli Colette (Heroes) and Meredith Averill (The Haunting of Hill House) this is a show that tells any aficionado of the genre that they’re in safe hands. The production values – especially the locations – are fabulous (where did they find that house?). The casting is terrific: no especially familiar faces but confident performances and sufficient resemblance to have us believe these people are related. And a sure hand on the Spooky Controls means we’re jumping and gasping in all the right places.

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