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New series ★★★½

Wednesday Netflix

Next in Fashion is clearly based on Project Runway, but that’s not a bad thing. Project Runway is an awesome show – why not take a second bite? And this one has the added advantage of having a sense of humour and a great deal of kindness – not to mention two very charismatic hosts in Queer Eye’s Tan France and model and experienced presenter Alexa Chung. Designers are drawn from all over the world (although speaking some English is a prerequisite) and work in pairs. Some know each other. Some do not. But otherwise this plays out pretty much as Runway does, with the designers set a challenge at the beginning of each episode, and each episode culminating in a runway show, a critique, a winner and an elimination. The real strength of this – apart from the hosts – is that the contestants have been carefully cast to provide some wonderful back stories and great personalities, without too much of the tears and tantrums other reality shows depend on. So you get really clever designs, beautiful – and diverse – outfits, fun characters, and the triumph of niceness over pettiness. What’s not to love? Plus, in this first episode the challenge is to create a red carpet outfit, turning the glamour dial up to eleven.

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