Everything's Gonna Be Okay

Everything’s Gonna Be OkayCredit:    

New series ★★★★½

From Friday 17 January, Stan

You don’t expect big laughs from a Josh Thomas comedy, but there are a few surprises about this new US/Australian co-production – and one of them is lines that not only make you LOL but that you want to store away for personal use some time down the track. It was not at all clear that Thomas, having finished up with the groundbreaking and distinctive Please Like Me, had anywhere else to go or anything else to say. It felt like his defining story. But while fans of his previous work will find plenty that’s familiar here, including Thomas himself in the lead role as Nicholas, a sad-sack gay boy looking for love, there’s also a whole lot that’s fresh and surprising. He can’t stay away from the dark themes – in the first ep he hits us with the double whammy of terminal illness and autism – and this definitely contains the emotional gut-punches we’ve come to expect. But there’s a lot more actual, you know, comedy here. And not in a bad way. This is a bigger story, too, encompassing two teenage female siblings, Nicholas’ half sisters. Everything’s Gonna Be Okay also feels more assured and sophisticated in its structure, and just generally next level. A gem.

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