A stroke of artistic inspiration has turned into a divisive public discussion piece at Penguin. Taking a leaf out of the 7 Day Makeover’s book, Terry Burton got an idea one day and ‘went with it’. “It was just a bit of fun really,” he said. “I came up with the idea to create some art that reflected that excitement you get as a kid when you have a new box of pencils.” Read more: Penguin enjoys a quirky makeover He said he used treated pine logs and an old oil drum to create his giant piece called ‘Pencils’. “The council put up photos of it on Facebook for some feedback,” he said. “There was some negativity. First of all they said the council was paying and it was a waste of money, but that’s not true, I paid for it all myself. Read more: Disability pensioner’s bequest inspires mosaic celebrating life “We were initially going to put it on the foreshore put people thought it would get in the way.” The sculpture is now sitting outside Mr Burton’s holiday accommodation, and he said he often saw tourists enjoying it.

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