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Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort is inviting the public for the introduction to the 11 foot metal sculpture, ‘The Yeti’, near the top of the Liberator Express. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the art installation is on Saturday, January 4 at noon.

“He’s made primarily of steel. But then he is covered with recycled chain and so even when he’s not coated in the snow and becoming the Yeti of the mountain top,” said Kasey Koski, project manager. “If you visit in the off season, he is also a very charming BigFoot strolling over the mountain top.”

The life size sculpture was the creation by a team of local artists, dubbed Project Yeti, and the product of public crowd funding and local sponsors. Project Yeti consisted of Koski, Zeb Postelwait, Thad Brewer and Oly Mingo. There was handful of sponsors including Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center and Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest.

“It kind of started as a dream in the backyard and gathered steam from there,” said Koski. “We raised just a little under $3,000 for the project.”

A lift ticket is required to access the chair lift, but the ribbon cutting ceremony is open to the public.


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