Three sculptures created by Alicia English’s art students at Stevens High School will be some of the future amenities in Raider Park. Students competed in a Raider Park Sculpture Contest during the fall 2019 semester; winners were announced Dec. 20.

“Students created sculptures based on different aspects of Raider Park. They took over the project and created a contract to determine the size of the sculpture, who to contact for support, consequences for low effort and much more. They developed their ideas based on the natural habitat, Tom Pfeifle Trails, the history of the land, and the connection to the school. Seth Keene presented information about the park at the beginning of our unit,” English said.

Jaden Matkins, Hanna Landguth and Abigail Sampson were the first, second and third place winners, as determined by votes from students, staff, parents and online votes on Facebook. Tom Pfeifle’s parents, Jane and Craig Pfeifle of Rapid City, chose their favorite entry, and that student, Halle Karna, won the Tom Pfeifle Award. She will present her sculpture to the Pfeifles after Christmas, English said.

English’s second semester Advanced Clay students will sculpt larger-scale versions of the three winning entries, and those larger versions will be placed in Raider Park in spring 2020, English said.

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