The last time I visited Asbury Park to enjoy the beach, I noticed these two concert posters on the side of the Asbury Park Convention Hall, from their “Classic Concerts” series. I like how they’re presented here: framed and within the architectural details and “arches” on the side of the building. At left we have Ray Charles to commemorate his performance here in 1968, and at right we have Gene Simmons from KISS for their 1975 concert here. Scroll down for larger views of these two fun posters.

Asbury Park Convention Hall concert posters with Ray Charles and KISS

There’s something about the simple and bold graphic design in these posters that I really like:

Ray Charles and Gene Simmons of Kiss at Asbury Park

I can’t find any information on who created these posters in order to give proper credit for the great artwork … if you know anything about them, please share info in the comments section below.

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