Our Guy in Russia.

Our Guy in Russia.Credit:

Series final ★★★½

7.30pm, SBS Viceland

Lorry mechanic! I want that on my business card. And as it turns out it’s a pretty good qualification for Guy Martin’s exploration of Russia. Among other things, that nation is home to a great many big, noisy mechanical things, from Kalashnikovs to giant dump trucks, and Martin’s working class sensibility also feels completely appropriate. In tonight’s final ep, he broaches just about the biggest mechanical thing of them all, the Chernobyl reactor, and the engineering attempting to keep it safe.


Nicolai Muller scored his first goal for Western Sydney on Saturday.

Nicolai Muller scored his first goal for Western Sydney on Saturday.Credit:Getty Images

Sport ★★★

5pm, ABC

On the one hand, the A-League continues to struggle with small crowds and a lack of atmosphere at a lot of the games. On the other, at least we seem to have got on top of the whole flares-and-rioting thing. What’s more, unless you’re Melbourne City or Sydney FC, this is a season in which every game counts, with only a handful of points separating most teams on the ladder. Tonight Western Sydney travel to Wellington to take on the Phoenix.

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