THREE free-standing ‘cut out’ sculptures are planned for a housing scheme south of Littlemoor Road, Weymouth.

Stonewater Ltd is asking Dorset Council to approve the artworks at Maya Court on Sedge Place, Gentian Way and Jamieson Court on Harebell Drive.

Pemberley, Weymouth, which has designed the installations says each piece is to be made from jet cut 3mm sheets of steel with a bend through the centre for stability and powder coated in different colours. The artworks are all approximately the same height, ranging from 758mm to 855mm tall, and will be installed into concrete footings.

They say the designs are based in part on much larger successful sculptures seen in Kuala Lumpur, which successfully use a similar cut-out technique.

Said an application report to Dorset Council asking for planning permission: “Each of the three artworks is representative of the name of the road in which it is to be located – Gentian Way, Sedge Place, and Harebell Drive. The road names themselves are derived from the local ecology and acknowledge native plant species in the area.

“We’ve worked with experienced illustrator Guy Stauber, who has created stylistic designs for each of the artworks. These take reference from Weymouth’s historic seaside Art Deco architecture, inspired by the design of nearby Portland House and The Riviera Hotel.

“As the design will be cut out of the steel only the negative elements will remain with light passing through the positive parts of the design. Edges will be sanded and the powder coating will further help to reduce any sharp edges.

“The colour for each has been chosen based on the colour of the plant it represents and then developed further and pared back to create a palette of pastel colours.”

Comments on the proposals are open until January 6th.

Illustration – the three designs courtesy of Pemberley, Weymouth

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