I bought some Shoprite tissues the other day, and as I’m looking at the box here in my home, it makes me think of Odilon Redon. While I’m not finding anything resembling an exact match, I wanted to show a few Redon paintings in order to better explain myself.

Below left is my tissue box, and below right is Redon’s “Mystery,” circa 1910. I’m matching these up because the overall yellowish tint to both the red flowers and the blue sky on the tissue box has a similar hue to the painting … at least I think so. Granted, Redon’s painting has flowers with different colors, but I hope you can see a similar vibe as I do.

Shoprite tissue box and an Odilon Redon painting

Below are two more examples of Odilon Redon paintings, in this case, both are floral still lifes without any figures like the painting above. Below left is “Vase of Flowers (Pink Background),” circa 1906, from the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; and below right is “Nasturtiums,” 1905, from the permanent collection at the Yale University Art Gallery.

Odilon Redon flower paintings

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