January 10, 2020

Grace Ebert

All images © Kenji Abe

To combat single-use plastic waste, Tokyo-based designer Kenji Abe has conceived of a packaging material that can be arranged in various shapes and refashioned multiple times. The six-tipped CY-BO pieces can be woven together to create pouches, placemats, and other vessels that then can be deconstructed and reused. The project even reached the final rounds of the 2018 Kokuyo Design Awards.

Because of the shape’s flexibility, Abe says other materials like leather can be used in its place to create similar products. “It is a new packaging material that can be used depending on one’s ideas,” Abe told Plain Magazine. “Because in order to reduce discarded plastic, it’s necessary to make packing materials that can be reused as many times as possible.” You can follow more of Abe’s inventive designs on Instagram.

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