HARRISBURG, PA- The Pennsylvania Farm Show will open here Saturday with a special treat for sports fans across the states. A butter sculpture featuring Philadelphia Eagles mascot Swoop, Pittsburgh Steelers mascot Steely McBeam and Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty has been created for the event.

The sculpture took two weeks to make by artists Jim Victor and Marie Pelton of Conshohocken, , using more than a thousand pounds of butter donated by Land O’ Lakes in Carlisle, Cumberland County, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

The half-ton sculpture “encourages Pennsylvanians to be a fan of Pennsylvania dairy and give a cheer to the more than 6,200 dairy farmers of the commonwealth” a release stated.

After the farm show ends on Jan. 11, the butter will be moved to a Juniata County farm where it will be converted into renewable energy in a methane digester.

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