Sunday will mark two years since billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman were found murdered in their North York mansion.

This morning, there are new, eerie details from inside that house.

The couple were found dead in the pool room of their home, belts wrapped around their necks.

Now we are learning, in a report from the Toronto Star, that the bodies showed some strange similarities to a pair of art figures in the house.

There was a male and female sculpture. Like the Shermans, they were in a seated position. The Star says Barry Sherman, just like the male figure, had one leg crossed over the other.

This report also sheds new light on how a potential killer may have gotten inside.

There were no signs of forced entry but a basement window was open and a door to the basement was unlocked.

The Shermans were reportedly known to leave doors unlocked.

There’s also some speculation that the pair may have been surprised by their attacker.

The Star says Honey’s phone was found in a powder room she never used, suggesting perhaps that she ran there to try to get away.

There was also a home inspection report and Barry’s gloves found on the floor just inside the door to the basement garage.

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