MCLUSKY* ★★★★½
Corner Hotel, January 11

What’s Welsh, violent and strangely captivating? Well, yes, Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs, but in a similar vein and closer to home, also mclusky* at the Corner Hotel on Saturday night.

The three-piece outfit assaulted the ear drums of a crowd who looked like they’d been with the seminal “post-hardcore” band since their short days of glory around the turn of the century and through their various incarnations since – lots of blokes, lots of bald heads, plenty of checkered shirts.

Contrary to appearances, however, the audience was easy-going and the band charmed. If banter alone got a score, these guys would get five out of five.

There was not a heckle from the crowd that went unanswered, with frontman Andrew ‘Falco’ Falkous and bassist Damien Sayell – not an original, hence the asterisk in the band’s title, yet no blow-in – easily bouncing off one another with their often laugh-out-loud audience interactions.

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