Takashi Murakami and Pharrell Williams’ The Simple Things sculpture is scheduled for auction at Christie’s Hong Kong sale dubbed “HI-LITE”on November 23. The work is currently valued at approximately $3.8 million and features Murakami’s iconic Mr. DOB character holding in his mouth seven items picked by Pharrell Williams to represent objects that he uses on a daily basis.

The sculpture first made its appearance at the 2009 Art Basel Miami Beach and was reportedly sold by Emmanuel Perrotin for $2 million. However, Perrotin brought the piece back to the art show a few years later in 2012, where it was exhibited on a white pedestal inside a transparent standing case.

The sculpture is made of fiberglass, steel, acrylic, and an LED light system along with bejeweled objects including a cupcake, a bag of Doritos chips, bottles of Heinz Ketchup and Johnson’s baby lotion, a Pepsi can, a Trojan Magnum condom, and a Billionaire Boys Club sneaker. The objects are inlaid with 26,000 gems to contrast their mundanity and were crafted by Manhattan-based jewelry and wristwatch retailer, Jacob & Co.

The collection of items is positioned under spotlights in Mr. DOB’s mouth which allow viewers to reconsider the value of everyday pleasures and challenges them to see staples of American culture in a different light.


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