The musical trio first entered the children’s entertainment sector two years ago and decided to combine psychology elements, which teach life skills, with jazz, pop and folk music, inspired by American and African cultural beats, to help with speech, motor skills, listening and focus development.

The colour and creativity in their music makes it appealing to local and international audiences, as far reaching as Guatemala and Singapore, with their Hello Song teaching children ways to say hello in different languages around the world.

King, as the main songwriter, drew inspiration from her two children when she wrote the album, Little Steps, Big Adventure, especially the Emergency (Wee Wah) song.

“I had a one-year-old around the time obsessed with fire engines and he called them ‘wee wahs’… I wanted to teach about the roles of emergency services and the varied ways they help us,” she said. “Using the nursery rhymes and story-telling makes it friendly, fun, accessible and non-threatening.”

The focus on addressing common childhood fears in their original musical numbers whilst also creating nurturing and comfortable environments is what typifies Tiptoe Giants’ vibrant live shows.

“We create a custom live show for every performance to suit the theme, location, audience and event… incorporating live instruments, beautiful, professional dance choreography and live vocals, we take our audience on a musical journey,” she said.

After a live show, a Melbourne mother-of-two sent the trio this message: “While my daughter danced around to your music, I’m convinced that her baby sister learnt to speak from listening to Tiptoe Giants.”

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