I enjoyed seeing this whimsical piece by Liliana Porter titled “Tejedora [Weaver],” 2017, at the Armory Show in the booth of Sicardi | Ayers | Bacino Gallery.

The curator Tobias Ostrander writes: “Scale is important … specifically the use of small size compositions, which range from the miniature to the microscopic. This structuring intentionally creates intimate situations that draw the viewer into special acts of looking, which often result in the creation of moments of wonder, miraculous events appear to occur, or philosophical questions are generated.”

Tejedora Weaver by Liliana Porter at The Armory Show

This was certainly the result when I saw this piece in the art fair booth: I noticed the large pile of fabric first, then the loose threads, and lastly, the small woman on the bench. When this small figure drew me in closer, I could then see her knitting sticks, which then made me laugh to think that the piece suggests that she made this large (by comparison to her) fabric composition behind her.

Liliana Porter knitting woman

Learn more about Liliana Porter on the Sicardi | Ayers | Bacino website here.

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