TROY – Since fir trees have little to do with the birth of Christ, Troy has found a new way to show the Christmas spirit on its downtown square. The city has elected to convert the downtown water fountain into an ice sculpture of Jesus Christ bleeding on the cross, rather than their traditional oversized tree.

The sculpture aims to make a shocking statement about Christmas values, bringing attention to the sacrifices of our lord and savior. A pool of wine will surround the sculpture to depict the blood of Christ himself. 

City officials are making it clear that locals “absolutely should not drink the wine,” as it is leftover Franzia from Mayor Beamish’s Halloween Party.

Councilwoman Perry Rosemary says that “Christmas is not all about presents, ornaments, and mistletoe,” and hopes that this sculpture will cause locals to think differently about the holiday all together.

Plans for the sculpture follow a decision to postpone the tree lighting until May, leaving time and space for this winter’s ice sculpture. 

The fountain should be completely frozen by Thanksgiving, allowing local sculptor Igor Koshikovic to start hammering Christ into the chunk of ice. 

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