I’ve watched three episodes of The Crown. Her Majesty (Olivia Colman) seems nonplussed in ill-fitting frocks most of the time and the Duke of Edinburgh (Tobias Menzies) is straight out of Madame Tussaud’s. The drama behind the historical events of the day is riveting, but as for the Royal family – cardigans, pearls and dogs? I’m completely nonplussed.

Margaret Skeen, Point Lonsdale

Perfect viewing

After reading the Green Guide reviews by Craig Mathieson and Ben Pobjie I was encouraged to watch Hamish and Andy’s “Perfect” Holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Their rapport is wonderful and their laughter infectious.

Susan Munday, Bentleigh East

No stone unturned

I had to smile at the associations I made after reading Brad Newsome’s review of the character Dutton in the series Yellowstone. “John Dutton is such a thoroughly odious creature … a corrupt murderous bully whose ego driven grandiosity gets innocent people killed.” I wondered whether he has any Australian relatives.

Vaughan Greenberg, Chewton

Nothing trumps fire coverage 

Come on ABC news editors, we need news of fires in NSW and Queensland, not leading articles on what Trump is doing in the US. Thank you.

Marjorie Humm, Croydon North

Please don’t stop the movies

When Foxtel dropped the superb TCM channel, it assured us that Fox Classics would step into the breach as the home of classic movies.  What a lot of hooey. If anything, Fox Classics now shows fewer movies than it did when TCM was on air. The one movie a day that it does show is invariably either a WWII combat movie, a John Wayne movie, or both of these things at the same time. As a repository of ropey old re-runs of who-cares material such as Hogan’s Heroes, Matlock and As Time Goes By, Fox Classics is without peer. As a treasure trove of the golden years of Hollywood, it is to TCM as Peter Andre is to Pavarotti.

Scott McIntyre, Elsternwick

No laughing matter

Couldn’t the producers of Ainsley’s Australian Market Menu have found a local to teach him the correct pronunciation of Australian place names? We love watching Ainsley, but I don’t think he really intended us to laugh at the way he says Warrnambool or Wollongong.

Bronwyn Benn, Burwood

A heartbreaking moment

There has always been so much to love about Gruen: the humour, the gentle sparring between panel members, the insightful social commentary, Wil’s ever-changing hairstyles. But last week the fabulous Gruen team did something truly amazing. A panel member showed genuine distress when speaking about a deeply insensitive Heart Foundation ad. The program continued, without apology and without others coming in to break the uncomfortable silence. It was a powerful and moving moment.
Maryanne Barclay, Frankston South

Firing off

That silly, uninformed Sami Shah on the 774 breakfast show said on November 13 that politicians of all persuasions are arguing about climate change and its cause on the NSW bushfires. I sent to him an SMS stating that not one Labor party politician argued this point. The Labor party took a unilateral approach of “let us get the fires out and then hold a post-mortem”. There was no mention on the program concerning this point.

Don Brooke, Langwarrin

Welcome recognition for autistic school

Congratulations to Channel Nine for its A Current Affair segment on Southern Autistic School and the advocacy of Dr Rosemary Crossley and the Anne McDonald Centre, in bringing to light the need for real education for young people with disabilities, especially those with speech disorders. An excellent segment, and Dr Crossley made the point very well, that these children need to be tested in ways that are appropriate to their disability. One of the best stories on A Current Affair in a long time.

Kaye Gooch, Prahran

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