Peter Waterhouse, Craigieburn

Outgoing radio host Jon Faine with Virginia Trioli at his last show at the Melbourne Town Hall.

Outgoing radio host Jon Faine with Virginia Trioli at his last show at the Melbourne Town Hall.Credit:Jason South

Long live the queen

The king has gone. Long live the queen. I am loving Virginia Trioli’s work on radio. I trust that her reign will be as long as her inimitable predecessor. That’ll see me out.

Linda Fisher, Malvern East

Unamazing Race

I have been watching The Amazing Race and couldn’t figure out why it seemed different. Then it occurred to me that the contestants are flown to each country and don’t have to organise flights and travel. It is just a series of obstacles in different countries. You notice they don’t have a staggered start and seem to always be close. I guess the reason is cost but it does make the show very formulaic and contrived.

Peter Marshall, St Kilda West

Time for McAvaney’s finale

At the end of the spring carnival Channel Seven had a segment, “Bruce’s Flops”. The only flop was Bruce McAvaney himself, who manages to hold anchor despite a superior support cast. Jason Richardson should be immediately promoted to head racing – he’s much more interesting and avoids worn-out cliches. In football, Dennis Cometti knew when to retire, and Bruce sure ain’t no D.C.

Jim Morrison, East Kew

No second chance

It is a shame Child Genius Australia has eliminations – a child who was at the low end of a particular set of problems may well have blitzed all the other subjects given the chance. Also less exposure of parents, some of whom exhibit lots of character flaws, would be advantageous.

Les Aisen, Elsternwick

Listen Up

ABC Listen serves us bubble and squeak for breakfast: a bit too light, airy and frothy for my liking. I wonder if they might consider a modified “app” for the listener? ABC Listenable would modulate high-pitched squeals and low-pitched rumbles to a range of perhaps one or two octaves for audible listener comfort. A further modification might encompass a translator to unscramble the conversations when presenters and guests are wont to talk over the top of one another, resulting often in unintelligible gibberish.

Dr David Hay, Greensborough

Beating the Drum

The presenters of The Drum on the ABC should improve their styles for the sake of the panel guests and the viewers. They should refrain from long-winded, explanatory questions because the hosts are intelligent people, capable of understanding a straightforward request for a response. The panel guest should not be rudely interrupted in mid-sentence, as so often happens. The viewers are keen to hear from the guest rather than the presenter.

Elwyn Bourbon, Springvale

Garden needs a prune

Gardening Australia’s 30 years is certainly a notable achievement of an informative and entertaining program, but the 90-minute special (ABC, 22/11) did seem like a case of over-watering – with endless viewer and celebrity accolades, old photo sharing by team members and more trips down memory lane than the vaults of This is Your Life. By the time we’d reached the awkward dancing phase after the cake-cutting I was begging for the camera to pan over some strategically placed hakea salicifolia screening.

Bruce Watson, Belgrave

Cold comfort for being responsible

The band Cold Play has decided they won’t tour to promote their new album. They say they have made this decision because touring is a huge burden on the planet. Raf Epstein’s response is mixed but appears to favour the idea that it is more a marketing gesture than a genuinely responsible decision. Where is the presenter who accepts that the lifestyle we now see as “normal” is simply not sustainable?

Lesley Walker, Northcote

Olympic shame

Not televising the Olympic Games is part of a general malaise engulfing the ABC. I have been a staunch devotee of the ABC for a lifetime but am rapidly dropping off;  talk-back radio has become puerile and ABC television is beginning to mimic commercial TV. Pulling the pin on Olympic coverage is yet another appalling decision.

Noel Butterfield, Montmorency

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