I am shocked about the hurtful letters to Green Guide that have been written over the past two years about 774’s Jacinta Parsons and Sami Shah. Parsons is someone I have very much warmed to and if she isn’t going to be on Breakfast, then I think it is an inspired choice to put her on The Friday Review with Brian Nankervis, and on Afternoons. Parsons knows a huge amount about music, as evidenced by the credits for RocKwiz, and to have her riffing with Nankervis about music and other matters is an inspired choice. I also trust that she will have more opportunity to bring music to ABC Melbourne while on afternoon radio than she has had on Breakfast. I wish every success for Jacinta, Sami and Richelle in their new roles.

Janet Beard, Moonee Ponds

Presenter change needs a review

I couldn’t agree more with Jen Dillon (Letters, 12/12) regarding the Friday Review. This show is much loved by so many people and has become a listening must. Richelle and Brian work so very well together. They are entertaining, informative and professional. ABC, why are you killing off a show that works so well? Yet another blow to the listening public.

Jan Culley, Malvern

Coarse language isn’t the cause

Coarse language can’t have been the reason for pulling the Q&A “feminist” episode because both the C- and F-words were used in adjacent programs Total Control and Frayed. As a mere male I may think that Mona Eltahawy was over the top, but Voltaire’s oft-quoted dictum must apply.

Bill Pell, Emerald

Same show, different viewpoints

Unlike Margaret Skeen (Letters, 12/12) I watch The Drum with enjoyment. The Indigenous academics and activists are inspiring and generous in their willingness to share knowledge about country and control of fire. The various women from other cultures bring a different viewpoint and do not talk over each other. If the men are quaking perhaps they realise they are out of their depth intellectually.

Gael Barrett, North Balwyn

It’s called diversity

I think Margaret Skeen has failed to see The Drum as a nasty pattern, it’s called a Modern Day Australia where half of the population is female. I find the show refreshing and invigorating to see so much diversity.

Melina Smith, Brighton

Buried in nonsense

Having been helped out of a grave, in which she was almost completely covered in soil, a girl hasn’t a speck of dirt on her. This was the least of the preposterous nonsense put to us in the first episode of the new season of Midsomer Murders. If pathetic storylines like this and trendy split-screen filming are to become the norm I shall no longer be a devotee. Come back John Nettles – we need you.

Harriet Farnaby, Geelong West

A Greta cause than a joke

The superficial and vacuous grubs on the funny radio stations will not pay homage to a brave Greta Thunberg. A well-known line has been taken out of her speech and played ad nauseum as a laugh. Thunberg spends her time trying to save our home, while the shock jocks create a funny bubble that is only temporary.

Sharyn Bhalla, Ferntree Gully

Cereal intelligence

Thank you ABC Radio for giving us Andrew Hansen for five weeks. A refreshingly witty and intelligent host to start the morning with. Such a pleasure listening to him on Melbourne Breakfast radio.

Jane Bartlett, Hawthorn

A feat of cricket commentary

Why is it that among the sports commentators on TV and radio , the only ones that still talk in “feet and inches” are the cricket and golf ones? Don’t they realise that we changed to metric many years ago? AFL , soccer and basketball commentators have certainly moved on.

David Ginsbourg, East Bentleigh

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