He’s the voice

The Fire Fight Australia Concert on Seven was a true spectacular. And didn’t the old man show ’em how it’s done? John Farnham was the absolute epitome of professionalism and not for one minute did he hog the limelight. Farnsy, you’re still Australia’s legend. Ross Barker, Lakes Entrance

Poor old Aunty

I see from the write-up in the Networking column of Green Guide (20/2) that the new drama series, Wakefield, “is set in a psychiatric hospital for the ABC”. I know things are tough at present, what with the budget cuts and all – I just didn’t realise things were bad enough to warrant their own hospital. Alan Whitcombe, Stony Creek

Thank you, “our” ABC, for screening The Australian Dream. An amazing documentary hosted by Stan Grant, telling Adam Goodes’ harrowing story of racial vilification while playing AFL football. I urge people who haven’t seen the documentary to seek it out and watch it. We need to think of the trauma of continued inequality in this wealthy nation to our First Nation People and address it now. Denise Hassett, Mount Martha

Secrets worth knowing

Louise Rugendyke’s review of Secrets of Our Cities (GG, 20/2) was excellent, and I agree that these real shows about real people are what make them so interesting. Greig Pickhaver’s delving into the history of the Gold Coast was fascinating, though it was distressing to hear of the slaughter of Aborigines and the slave labour of islanders brought there for the sugar industry. And then to hear that the graves of the islanders were bulldozed and built over for a golf course. Susan Munday, Bentleigh East

Hats off to Hamish

I agree with previous correspondents re Virginia Trioli’s dumbing-down of Jon Faine’s morning show. I am equally disappointed with TV host David Speers on Insiders. Conversely, I am delighted with Hamish Macdonald’s fresh approach to Q+A. Hamish encourages both audience and viewer to investigate the complexities of current situations rather than allowing panellists to repeatedly quote potted simplistic opinions. Marlene Mitchell, Richmond

Hour of refreshment

I find the new Conversation Hour refreshing. I used to always turn off at 11am, finding the old hour full of people big-noting themselves, name-dropping and Jon Faine basking in it. Richelle Hunt and Warwick Long have a lovely, gentle relationship. He’s in Shepparton (my God, in the country!) and we are reminded in the nicest possible way that the world exists outside Melbourne. Vanessa Thomas, Kew

The new Conversation Hour is a breath of fresh air for all us regional listeners. ABC is for regional as well as metropolitan listeners. We in regional Victoria feel that an hour a day for us is not much to ask for. Thank you, Warwick and Rochelle – so many regional people listen and discuss the topics. Lyn Mitchell, Tamleugh North

Come on, Ita

Ita Buttrose, you have been in charge of our ABC for some time now and I do not see or hear real change for the better concerning my 774 radio station. Yes, you have relieved us of the two incompatible morning breakfast hosts, yet still no replacement anywhere near good enough or even matching our intelligent Red Symons or Peter Evans. You persist with Jacinta Persons as a host, knowing full well she is best suited to FM radio with her banter and giggling. Virginia Trioli has dumbed down the morning timeslot, then you mistreat us again with a very silly Conversation Hour. The 774 audience require intelligent radio. Time for management change at 774 and perhaps at the top ABC management level as well.  Don Brooke, Langwarrin


Faine draining

It astounds me that readers think Virginia Trioli is inferior to Jon Faine, whose grating voice, opinionated views and general unwarranted air of superiority set my teeth on edge. With coronavirus rampant, the issue of open-salt cellars in restaurants is really quite important (Letters, 20/2). The writer who objected to this has forgotten Faine’s blathering about anything with wheels and his time at Fitzroy Legal Service. Lee Gladwell, Grovedale

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