I was out for a walk in my Belleville (NJ) neighborhood the other day when I happened upon this field, filled with vertical white … things … what are they?

a field in Belleville NJ filled with mysterious white things

It was late afternoon, and the way the sun was shining through them, my first thought was that it was a big collection of oversized birthday candles! What do you think from this view? See the “wicks” at the top of each “candle” …?

imaginary birthday candles in a field in Belleville NJ

A closer look, including a look down into the white structures, shows what appears to be a stake securing a young plant – or tree – with this white plastic protector surrounding it. The only remaining question is: if these are young trees, isn’t this a LOT of trees planted close together on such a small field? It’s still a bit of a mystery to me …

tree protectors in a field in Belleville NJ

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