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Anne Hathaway and Gary Carr star in one Modern Love episode.

Anne Hathaway and Gary Carr star in one Modern Love episode.

This television series based on a long-running weekly column in The New York Times won me over immediately with its glorious opening sequence, a photo montage of different couples captured in a moment of joy. There are eight episodes set in New York, each a half-hour snapshot of a romantic relationship. The stories are poignant, charming and often funny. Modern Love features big names such as Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel and Tina Fey as well as less well-known but equally talented actors.

The first episode, When the Doorman Is Your Main Man, is about a kindly doorman who keeps a watchful eye on a young woman in his building who is out on the dating scene. When Cupid Is a Prying Journalist is about a journalist whose own true love ended sadly years ago and who urges her interviewee to pursue his one who got away.

In Rallying to Keep the Game Alive, a long-married couple on the brink of divorce take out their frustrations on the tennis court before finding a way to speak to each other frankly. One of the most moving, The Race Goes Sweeter Near Its Final Lap, shows a couple in their 70s who meet through a shared love of running and fall madly in love.

Call me an incorrigible romantic (you wouldn’t be the first) but for me Modern Love (named after the David Bowie song) touched my heart because it is a celebration of love – old love, new love, lost love, love rekindled and love under pressure.

The characters and their predicaments are, of course, authentic. I found myself cheering each set of lovers on, hoping they could work it out. Watching it with my husband I felt a warm buzz of happiness at the end of each episode – and there aren’t many shows you can say that about.

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