You are guaranteed at least one luxurious cry per episode of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.

You are guaranteed at least one luxurious cry per episode of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.Credit:   




ImagineThe Sixth Sense meets Glee meets – maybe, Spiderman? – and you’re starting to get an idea of this kooky mash-up. Zoey (Jane Levy) is undergoing an MRI when every piece of music ever recorded accidentally downloads into her brain. I know, right? But wait! There’s more! Next she discovers she can now also hear other people’s internal soundtracks, thus gaining an insight into their interior emotional state. Plus also sometimes prompting spontaneous flash mobs. Chirpy, cheeky and colourful (literally – the production team has great fun with a primary palette), Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist revels in its own absurdity. It also unashamedly references its influences, not least by casting Gilmore Girls’ Lauren Graham in a key recurring role. I’m not sure how the youngish audience for whom this is clearly intended will take to a soundtrack that leans heavily on 20th century classics. And some developments are pretty clearly signposted. But the writers also love to drag the odd red herring around, and this is very capable of landing genuine emotional punches. (You are guaranteed at least one luxurious cry per ep.) The cast sing their own tunes, which is kind of nice (like Glee, it’s larded with Broadway talent and triple threats). And it turns out Zoey’s super powers actually have a higher purpose. Melinda Houston

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